Terms of participation in the project
In case of participating in the  project “Russian Art Award” you hereby agree to the following terms and guarantee to the Organizing Committee (represented by the National Association of Curators and the World Fund of Arts) that all the registration information that you provide is true, and you are acquainted with the following rules:
The project purpose:
The Russian Art Award is a sign of respect for high ideals and adherence to great forms in Art. The objectives of the project are to search for new names in art - artists, sculptors, designers, photographers, masters of decorative art, search for artists who work in a special style and who are able to create professional works that can decorate museum spaces and become pearls of art collections. Also, the objective is to search for talented artists, whose works make an outstanding contribution to culture and are united by the concept "Russian Art".
Nominations and awards:
The project "Russian Art Awards" has 38 nominations and 37 awards that symbolize the artist's merits in following the aesthetic ideas of the Great Masters, whose life paths and works expanded the horizons of Russian Art and were appreciated all over the world.
Right of participation:
The project "Russian Art Award" is open to artists from 18 and older whose works do not break and will not break any applied laws, rules or agreements. Both Russian and foreign citizens can participate in the project. Members of the Organizing Committee and sponsors cannot participate in the competition.

All images that you will submit are images of original artworks created independently or are artworks created by an artist who empowered you to submit images for and on his / her behalf. The images presented by you do not violate the rights of privacy, publicity, copyrights or other intellectual property rights of any natural or legal person. You cannot create, distribute or reproduce in any way any copyrighted material, trademarks or other private information without the prior written consent of the owner. In accordance with this, the Organizing Committee has the right to discontinue all relations with any artist who violates copyright if a breach of copyright notification is received from the copyright owner or the lawyer of the copyright owner.

The artwork matter
You agree that the artwork that you upload will not include pornographic, sexually explicit, violent or racist materials.

The Advisory Committee
The Advisory Committee assesses the submitted works in a "blind" form, individually, without meeting with colleagues. The points received from the jury will be averaged to get one point for each competition work.
Works are assessed by representatives of the following professional groups:
1) Creative Professionals:
а) artists, photographers, designers and craftsmen awarded with various state awards and titles, including Honored Artists of Russia and Folk Artists of Russia;
b) well-known artists and masters who have achieved great public and commercial recognition in their professional careers, regular participants in Russian and foreign exhibitions and fairs;
2) Professionals of Popularization:
а) art historians and art critics, whose area of interest is contemporary art;
b) mass media representatives who write about various aspects of the World of Art;
3) Business Professionals:
а) gallery managers and gallery owners;
b) producers, patrons and sponsors of art projects;
c) top managers of online stores;
4) Professional teachers:
а) pedagogues of departments and faculties of educational institutions who teach specialists in the field of art education;
b) heads of educational institutions;
Stages of participation
The All-Russian project "Russian Art Awards" is held in two stages:
1st Stage (online): an artist submits his/her works to the Organizing Committee in digital form. The claimed works are valued by members of The Advisory Committee according to the photo galleries presented on the site. All competition works are available at www.artaward.info  
2nd Stage (offline): works with the highest points in each of the announced "Nominations" are placed at the exhibition.

All works submitted for the competition are published in the coloured catalogue "Russian Art Award".
Catalogue structure: the catalogue consists of two sections, in the first section there are the laureates, in the second - all project participants.

Use of images
We are entitled to publish the images of artworks selected by the Advisory Committee on our websites, in catalogues (printed and online) and other advertising channels to promote future contests and your artworks.

Saving Images
By uploading your artwork, you empower us to save images of the work in our system until the end of the competition. You also authorize us to save such images after the end of the contest. We save these images so that you can easily submit them to other contests in the future. At any time after the completion you can send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and request that we delete the images. We will confirm receipt of the letter and your images will be deleted during 10 working days after you receive our confirmation.

Confirmations and awards
The completion of the project is the announcement of the winners by each nomination and laureates by each award. All participants receive certificates (the number of certificates corresponds to the number of works registered for the contest).
Winners receive award certificates. For laureates, medals on a plaque are provided.
The Organizing Committee sends certificates in digital form. After an individual application to the Organizing Committee it can also be sent by mail. If an artist wants the Organizing Committee to send a notification letter, then it is necessary to make a request to the Organizing Committee and pay expenses (a track will be sent to control the sending of the letter).
Signs and Signatures
Signature, seal or any other identification mark of authorship is allowed anywhere in the photo image. Subsequently, competition images are published with copyright decals. Inscriptions with the names of art objects on the front side are not allowed.

Author's consent to the processing of personal data and newsletter
By participating in the competition, an artist gives a consent to the processing of personal data by the Organizing Committee and to the free newsletters informing by telephone or email about exhibitions organized by the National Association of Curators / World Fund of Arts / NextArt Co Ltd / NextArt Co Ltd / NextArt Global Art Agency, conferences and contests in Russia and abroad.
If an artist wants not to implement this free service, the Author must inform the Organizing Committee about this in any of the following ways:
а) by sending a request to exclude your phone and / or email to the email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
b) by sending an SMS request to exclude your phone and / or email to the mobile phone: + 7(925) 433 88 21.

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